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                               Carol Walsh is a qualified Paws b teacher with MISP, a mindfulness program for primary school children.

                               Carol loves working with children and is passionate about creating a happier and healthier world for them to grow                                   up in. Her mission is to promote and nurture positive mental health for children while equipping them with a                                               valuable toolkit of techniques that will last a life time.

A mother of two young boys, Carol is only too aware of the difficulty children have today in concentrating and the challenge to switch off and simply relax.  The worries, concerns and anxieties that present themselves at such a young age, and more recently, the continuous desire to be on a device.

It is her belief that inviting the introduction of mindfulness into the lives of children improves their self- esteem, their ability to cope with difficulty and stress as well as promoting concentration and wellbeing.

Carol adopts a gentle, effective approach of equipping children with a toolkit of techniques that enables them to learn a life skill in helping them feel happier, calmer and more fulfilled.

Carol Walsh completed Deepak Chopra's Primordial Sound Meditation training with Suzi Von Mensenkampff.

She has also completed training in Self Reflective Parenting with Anne Brannick.

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