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Saturday, April 6th

Old Conna, Rathmichael, Co. Dublin

Developing mindful relationships in a busy school life is a challenge.

In this year’s conference, we will explore how mindfulness can enhance relationships with yourself, your students, your colleagues, your school and your wider community

Workshops and speakers will explore:

Mindfulness with ....yourself - What is mindfulness and how to bring it into your life?Mindfulness with .... your Colleagues / team - how can we as a team/staff be more effective?Mindfulness with .your whole school - how to bring into your school? how to get the buy in? how to get everyone excited?

Connect with yourself.

Connect with the students in front of you.

Connect with the whole school community.

Returning after four successful sell-out events, Ireland's leading Mindfulness Practice in Schools Conference in 2019 will focus on how we, as teachers and educators, can begin embedding mindfulness right across our lives and schools.

Connect with teachers and educators from all around Ireland for this day of upskilling, exploration and practice of mindfulness in the stunning and tranquil setting of Old Conna, Rathmichael, Co Dublin.

Immerse yourself in practical skills and profound wisdom to help you bring mindfulness from lectures into everyday living.

This conference is for you if:

You've learnt about mindfulness but want to deepen your understanding and personal experience.You attended our previous conferences and are ready to bring your application of mindfulness to the next level. You are interested in developing and furthering a more mindful culture in your school. You've tried meditating but you're not getting to do it as regularly as you'd like. You're feeling stressed or overwhelmed You will leave the day with:

Cutting edge knowledge and insights from leaders in the field of mindfulness and education.An understanding of what is the single most influential factor on learning in your classroom. A clear sense of your own next steps on your mindful journey. Having had a mindful experience, delicious food and enlightening company. Following on from the last three sell-out conferences that brimmed with diversity and information from right across this growing field, our aim this year is to shift mindfulness from talking about it to helping you live it.

Booking details :

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Delighted and excited to be part of this incredible team @Aunua Academy and the amazing powerhouse behind it all #Karina Murray

Aunua Academy is an Irish non-profit and global provider of free education for mental health provided by industry leading experts.

They are bringing free education to the world about mental health topics, issues and support tools to improve the quality of life for everyone in the world that is impacted by their mental health.

Their goal is to make mental health educational resources available for free and improving the quality of life for those affected negatively by their mental health by lowering the barriers to young people and adults getting information about mental health and improving the mental health educational resources available to them.

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